Friday, February 25, 2011

Gurdas Maan - Jogiya (Fab 2011) Songs Download

Gurdas Maan - Jogiya (Fab 2011)

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Satinder Sartaaj - Cheere Wala Sartaj (Fab 2011) Songs Download

Satinder Sartaaj - Cheerey Wala Sartaaj (Fab 2011)

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Friday, February 18, 2011

7 Khoon Maaf Movie Review

It takes a really keen eye to visualise a film in a short story. Then to turn it into a full-fledged film is a different task altogether. And Vishal Bharadwaj has done exactly that to Ruskin Bond's short story, Susanna's Seven Husbands. It's a commendable effort as he has crafted a body (7 KHOON MAAF) out of a skeleton (Susanna's Seven Husbands).

Love knows no boundaries and the vivacious Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes (Priyanka Chopra) is an apt example. 7 KHOON MAAF is her quest for true love. In a span of 35 odd years, she marries as many as seven times. Her husbands include Major Edwin Rodriques (Neil Nitin Mukesh), singer Jimmy Stetson (John Abraham), poet Wasiullah Khan (Irrfan Khan), Moscow resident Nicolai Vronsky (Aleksandr Dyachenko), police officer Keemat Lal (Anu Kapoor), Doctor Modhusudhon Tarafdar (Naseeruddin Shah) and one more (who can't be revealed as it would be spoiler). Arun (Vivaan Shah, son of Naseeruddin Shah) is the narrator, who considers Susanna as her prem devi. The bizarre deaths of her husbands make Sussane the prime suspect.

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Kaccha Limboo Movie Review

Don't we all have some great memories from good ol' school days? Well, KACCHA LIMBOO is a sheer nostalgia trip to relive them.

The director of BHEJA FRY, Sagar Ballary, traverses a new path by attempting a new genre (children) this time with KACCHA LIMBOO. Mind you, it's not a piece of cake to make a good children's film. It has to connect with the children as well as parents who come to watch the film with them. And KACCHA LIMBOO does that to a great extent.

The film traces the life of 13-year-old overweight teen Shambhu (Taher Sutterwala). Like every other kid of his age, he loves his PS2, gets attracted to girls and lands in trouble every now and then. He is desperately trying to fit in and be a part of a group, comprising of his school mates. He even upsets PP, his sole good friend for the group. But the school mates consider him to be a loser and give him no bhaav.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Spirit - Manpreet Sandhu (2010) Songs Download

The Spirit - Manpreet Sandhu (2010) Songs

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Sukshinder Shinda - Jadoo (Dec 2010) Songs Download

Sukshinder Shinda - Jadoo (Dec 2010) Songs

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